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We are VDoc, pioneers of evidence based telemedicine devices & solutions for India.

We have handpicked devices and solutions that pioneer a future of primary healthcare that is inclusive, affordable and effective. Our solutions go beyond a video consult with integrated software and data-capturing medical devices so providers can offer real evidence-based care

From the White house to the NHS our partner products & solutions are actively in service of the world’s largest healthcare providers across the globe.

The trust that the above names have fostered in our partner solutions & devices is a proof of the fact that VDoc is India’s most trusted telemedicine solution provider.

Our Story

Redefining Telemedicine

Our founders discovered that the only way to address India’s gaping Primary Healthcare gap was to introduce ingenious solutions for evidence-based telemedicine using world class products. They did extensive research on solutions based on their expertise in primary healthcare in India and identified two leading global players-GlobalMed and Visionflex that could be the right fit. They formed VDOC with the goal to redefine Telemedicine in India and to bring true evidence-based Telemedicine solutions here so that Indian Doctors can provide confident care from anywhere.

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Upgrading Medicine Upgrading Lives

How we Redefine Telemedicine

We provide India specific feature-rich, data-collecting medical devices which can be easily integrated with existing HIS’s & healthcare CRM’s supporting the most advanced clinical decision-making. Providers can treat a patient at any point in the care continuum from short-term acute conditions to long-term chronic illness.

Our Team

Potential of Telemedicine in Numbers

The glaring gap between the demand and the actual deployment of telemedicine in India’s primary healthcare is proof why you need to make a shift right now.

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