VDoc Solutions are crafted specifically for the challenging, unique and rugged Indian context by our team of pioneers of telemedicine in India. If you have not requested a demo of VDoc solutions you are missing out on the next generation of care and medicine in India.

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ClinicalAccess® station

GlobalMed® All-in-one mobile exam station x Vdoc

ClinicalAccess® Station boasts an innovative modular design configurable to accommodate a wide array of examination capabilities. It scales to fit your program’s evolving telemedicine needs, so you can easily expand the scope of services offered. Streamline your workflows with integrated seamless video conferencing and leading-edge medical devices.

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Telehealth Cabinet

Visionflex ProEX station x Vdoc

Ergonomics at work to keep your equipment secure and ready to use The telehealth cabinet from Visionflex is the complete solution for your telehealth equipment requirements. The lockable Telehealth Cabinet keeps all your accessories along with the monitor, camera and ProEX Telehealth Hub in one secure and organised location along with providing a large & stable work surface.

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GlobalMed® telehealth software x Vdoc

Designed for Easy, Secure and Scalable Use
eNcounter® offers secure diagnostic and clinical workflow capabilities combined with interoperable services that work with your existing platform including scheduling, video consultations, data integration, and our unique, time and cost-saving dynamic integration management services.

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Vision Telehealth Solution

Vision telehealth software x Vdoc

Vision from Visionflex is the first video conferencing platform to be specifically designed for Telehealth. Bandwidth is managed to ensure the best possible image and audio quality at all times allowing doctors and patients to connect up over huge distances. Connections via broadband internet, 4G mobile or via Satellite are all possible with the 2Vu solution.

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